Prepare for high scores
in Exams with
TRIZ teachers

Improve your knowledge (1-12th grades)
Individually or in mini-groups of up to 5 students
Mini-groups start from 2 students

High motivation of children both in lessons and in the whole learning process through the inclusion of fantasy, experimentation and other activities
We teach children to think productively, to creatively approach the solution of the most complex problems, to consider them systematically and to find the best solutions
Maximum number of assignments of accessible level of complexity, performed both during and after the class, and discussion in a community of similarly enthusiastic children
*тThe theory of
inventive problem solving
What we do at the free test lesson:

1.Get to know each other and our teaching methodology;

2.We do an introductory test and understand the level of knowledge;

3.Create a personalised training plan for the desired result.

In-depth study of the subject, exciting and effective preparation for Olympiads
different levels
Effective preparation for UNIVERSITY EXAMS in a mini-group or personally with an experienced teacher on an individual plan
11-12 levels
Preparation for HIGH SCHOOLS in a mini group or personally with a well worked out plan without unnecessary stresses
9-10 levels
Reinforce the subject in a friendly atmosphere, learn to apply knowledge on curious tasks with a master teacher
7-10 levels
Non-boring classes and quality training in key subjects in a friendly mini-group with an experienced teacher
1-6 levels
We conduct exciting sessions on finding solutions to non-trivial life challenges and learn algorithms for finding the most "powerful ideas"
1-8 levels
The children show high results on EXAMS and Olympiads.
Students in our school learn to take responsibility for their learning outcomes.
We give feedback to each student as well as their parents during the learning process.
The best motivation for children is to find effective solutions to non-standard problems.
All teachers are professionals in their subject and have been trained in TRIZ.
Our students are not afraid to make mistakes and voice their opinions.
lessons have been taught by our educators
lessons taught by our teachers successful students around the world
different Olympiads and exams passed with top marks
Maths / 10 years of experience
"Success in learning is possible only through the "live interest" and involvement of the student, through his motivation in achieving the result."

English / 7 years of experience
"I grew up and lived in the US almost all my life, now I live in Russia. Being able to find a common language with different people is a priority."

Primary school / 26 years of experience
"The greatest joy for a teacher is when his student is praised."

Maths / 23 years of experience
"Bringing back faith in my own strength, awakening interest in the subject, expanding consciousness."

English/ 5 years of experience
"Language is not only a tool for communicating with the outside world, but also a wonderful way to get to know yourself better."

Maths / 5 years of experience
"A student is not a vessel to be filled, but a torch to be lit."

Elementary level of knowledge "2"
EGE basic maths exam result "5"

Started studying in the eleventh grade with a level of knowledge below average. With Olesia Sergeyevna quickly came understanding, self-confidence. At each lesson I received a lot of knowledge. The year was interesting and useful. At the exam was easy, I passed with "excellent". Thank you very much!

Elementary level of knowledge "0 points"
OGE maths exam result "12 points"
Progress: +12 points
I was very pleased to work with Olesia Sergeyevna, I began to treat maths with interest and even pleasure. I could not even think that in three months I would be able to improve my knowledge, although the level was very low, and pass the OGE! I am grateful for your support, you are the best tutor I have ever seen!
Elementary level of knowledge "2 points"
EGE Prof Math exam result "57 points"
Progress: +55 points
I would like to express my gratitude to Olesia Sergeevna for preparation for the profile EGE. It was very difficult, as the knowledge of maths was minimal. I remember we discussed several times whether to switch to the basic EGE, but we decided not to change anything and go forward. To be honest, the main thing for me was to pass the threshold, but I was very happy with the result, I got more than I expected. Thank you very much to Olesia Sergeevna for her patience, understanding and for the knowledge gained. I have never regretted choosing you!пожалел, что выбрал именно вас!

Oksana, Egor's mum
At first Egor was apprehensive about having to do maths during the summer holidays. But after the first lesson, he enthusiastically told everyone around him that it was an unusual and very interesting class. With pleasure he does a little homework and looks forward to the new lesson! An hour of class flies by without a second thought! Thank you Olesia, a born teacher!

Svetlana, Alena's mum
I would like to express my gratitude to Olesia for her conscientious and methodical approach to her work, accessible, interesting and easily digestible format of presenting the material. Classes are held in a very pleasant environment, where you do not feel shy and uncomfortable, not afraid to make a mistake. Olesia is focused on her work so that each student loves maths and is not afraid of the subject, and most importantly learned to understand and understand it. After lessons with Olesia my daughter became more confident and stopped being so panic-stricken of maths. Thank you so much for your great work, for your passion for maths and for the knowledge my daughter has gained!
Anna, Dima's mum
Very effective and high quality classes. My son passed the 5th and 6th grade programmes in 8 months and passed all the final tests perfectly. Olesia Sergeyevna is a strict and responsible teacher, but the lessons are very comfortable, interesting and even fun!

Ekaterina, Dima's grandmother
Apart from positive emotions, no other. The child is delighted! Our situation was critical. Nothing was scarier than a maths lesson. And now he solves independently, understands everything. He was lagging behind because of absences due to illness, everything has levelled out. We have only been studying for 2 months, but we will continue. The main condition was to explain to the child not as in the classroom. Tatiana Dmitrievna fulfilled this condition perfectly!
Tatiana, Sasha's mum
I would like to express my gratitude to Eugenia !!! For almost a year we have been studying English and Russian, the lessons were held online with the use of additional material. Sasha likes the lessons very much. His grades have improved. We continue the lessons during the holidays. Eugenia explains in an accessible way, has found the right approach to my son, she knows how to interest him and choose the right material.
Yulia, Lisa's mum
Eugenia has been working with my daughter in English for over a year. During this time she managed to find the right approach to the child. Interested in the subject. Classes are held in an interesting and productive form. Selected educational videos, songs, poems. Eugenia is calm and friendly. Always in touch. The result speaks for itself. We are very satisfied with her work. I hope that we will continue our training.